Thursday, May 19, 2011

26 Weeks !!

We have made it to 26 weeks !!  I still cannot believe we are here.  Only 14 more to go :).  I can't say it's been an easy pregnancy, but, it is worth it.  It's like so many say, each pregnancy is different, and , boy, this one sure is different than B's.  Unfortunately, the sciatic nerve problems I had with B are rearing their head with this one too.  But, despite those days when I want to cry because I am so uncomfortable and tired, it is sooo worth it.  I wouldn't change anything to be able to have this little guy.  I am so very thankful we have been blessed with him.

T and I have made the decision to cloth diaper the little guy.  I did a lot of research on it and found so many positives.  For us, the biggest positive is financial.  By cloth diapering, we can save about $1500-2000 from birth to potty trained.  Wow.  That's a lot of money.  B had some bad issues with diaper rashes at various points and CDing is reported to healthier in that respect for babies, too.  Plus, cloth diapers are so damn cute !!  It is NOT the pins and rubber pants of our parents and grandparents era.  There are all in one (AIO) diapers which are just like disposables except you wash them instead of throwing them away. 
Bumgenius AIO

Then, there are your pocket diapers which are an outer layer of waterproof material with a cloth inner material like suedecloth or fleece.  They have a pocket in between these layers that you can stuff with whatever absorbant material you want - prefolds, flats, specially made inserts, etc.
FuzziBunz pocket diaper

After that you have your prefold/flat/fitted diapers and covers.  Prefolds, etc are the absorbant diaper that you think of when you think of what our parents used.  They are a cloth absorbant layer that is NOT waterproof.  You need to put a waterproof cover open them.  You fold them in various ways and then can pin them or Snappi (kind of like an elastic bandage fastener) them.  Fitted diapers are the cloth absorbant layer like a fitted or prefold only they are sized and come with snaps or velcro (aplix) to hold them in place.
Flat diaper (courtesy of the cloth diaper whisperer)

Prefold Diaper

Thirsties Fab Fitted Diaper

Snappi on a diaper (courtesy of

Thirsties diaper cover

That is cloth diapering basics according to me :).  And it is my new obsession.  You can buy them from companies like Cottonbabies, Kelly's Closet, Green Mountain Diapers, or Nickis Diapers (to name just a few).  Or you can buy them used on ebay or on places like  I know a lot of people think, yuck, used diapers but....Our parents used diaper services on us and people still do today.  You can sanitize them just like anything else.  You can also buy cloth diapers and accessories from work at home moms (WAHM) on places like etsy or hyena cart.  And they are so dang cute.  Plus there are wool soakers, wool longies/shorties and fleece soakers.  I am in the process of making my own cloth wipes using flannel.  Why buy disposable wipes when I can make my own (or buy) cheaper and then just throw them in the wash with the diaper I just changed?  I just have to be careful.  We are doing the CD thing mainly for financial reasons so me wanting to buy so many different types of diapers is not helpful LOL.  But it is hard not to buy, I want so many :).

Some people think we are crazy for wanting to do it (I admit to thinking CDing was crazy when I had B), but, now that I have looked into it, it sounds like it is for us.  Websites like and blogs like have been super helpul (check them out for great info on cloth diapering).  I am excited.  It will be a learning curve but I think T and I can do it.  That is, unless I keep spending all our money on all this fabulous fluff !!