Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, T turned 40 last week.  Poor guy, I was teasing him relentlessly :).  I did plan a surprise party for him over the weekend and it went fabulously except for one hitch -- his b*tch ex-wife.  She decided that she needed to tell T that there was a party for him because she is just a b*tch.  Of course, I find out because my dear, dear husband just cannot let it go and keeps pestering me with thinly veiled questions.  Then, one hour before the party, as I am getting in the shower, he straight up asks me if there is a party and lets me know the B*tch had told him.  The only reason she knew was because my in laws were trying to surprise T by getting my stepson, M, for the weekend for the party.  Of course, the B*tch waited to the last minute to tell my in laws she wasn't going to drive to meet them, nor would anyone else, so they would have to buy a plane ticket.  By the time she told this to them, it was too late.  Only 9 years and 9 months until she is out of our lives FOREVER!!  But I am not counting down or anything.

Surprisingly enough, my period started on its own.  So, I am back on the Clomid train.  We go in on Nov. 2 to see if/how many follicles we have.  I am nervous..whooo buddy am I nervous.  Even if we get pregnant this round, I am now terrified of losing the pregnancy.  Before, it was all worry for whether I COULD get pregnant.  Now it's can I do it again and can I carry the baby to term with a healthy delivery.  I HATE HATE HATE having to just wait and see what happens.  Just one little peak into the future to see if we have another child or two besides B isn't too much to ask, is it??

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 15 -- National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

On September 28, 2006 the House of Representatives passed a resolution naming October 15 as the official day to observe National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  Across the nation, multiple events and activities are planned to observe this day.  One event is the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Wave of Light candle lighting campaign.  On October 15 at 7pm in ALL time zones worldwide, people are encouraged to light a candle to honor their lost babies or their friend/family member's lost baby for at least an hour.  In this way, a continuous wave of light will shine throughout the world in honor of all the lost babies who never had a chance to live.  T and I plan to participate and honor our two lost little beans.  We encourage our friends and family members to also participate in honor of their own lost ones and all the lost ones throughout the world.  Please go to for more information.  I found this lovely video on that site.