Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, T turned 40 last week.  Poor guy, I was teasing him relentlessly :).  I did plan a surprise party for him over the weekend and it went fabulously except for one hitch -- his b*tch ex-wife.  She decided that she needed to tell T that there was a party for him because she is just a b*tch.  Of course, I find out because my dear, dear husband just cannot let it go and keeps pestering me with thinly veiled questions.  Then, one hour before the party, as I am getting in the shower, he straight up asks me if there is a party and lets me know the B*tch had told him.  The only reason she knew was because my in laws were trying to surprise T by getting my stepson, M, for the weekend for the party.  Of course, the B*tch waited to the last minute to tell my in laws she wasn't going to drive to meet them, nor would anyone else, so they would have to buy a plane ticket.  By the time she told this to them, it was too late.  Only 9 years and 9 months until she is out of our lives FOREVER!!  But I am not counting down or anything.

Surprisingly enough, my period started on its own.  So, I am back on the Clomid train.  We go in on Nov. 2 to see if/how many follicles we have.  I am nervous..whooo buddy am I nervous.  Even if we get pregnant this round, I am now terrified of losing the pregnancy.  Before, it was all worry for whether I COULD get pregnant.  Now it's can I do it again and can I carry the baby to term with a healthy delivery.  I HATE HATE HATE having to just wait and see what happens.  Just one little peak into the future to see if we have another child or two besides B isn't too much to ask, is it??

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