Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My period finally came, yay. I called the RE office and had my initial blood work done yesterday. I start the clomid on Thursday and go in for my second set of blood work on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me, we are hoping for a low number. The nurse also suggested we take advantage of the fertility drug and get some ovulation predictor kits so we can see if/when I ovulate. Then its...well, I think you know :). She said they have had people get pregnant because of taking clomid during the test. I am not getting my hopes up, but, wouldn't that be fantastic.

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I have lost 7 lbs as of last week. I am hoping that I am approaching, if not already reaching, the magic mark where my periods will start naturally occurring on their own. That's the goal for right now. Eventually, I hope to lose enough so that my hormones regulate on their own and I can get off the Metformin.

Now, the bad news. If T and I haven't had bad luck, we would have no luck what so ever. Our luck just can't seem to turn the corner in a good way. After months of harassing my dear husband, he agreed to go in and have a full physical. T had been having issues with reflux and that was my biggest concern. I also wanted him to get his cholesterol checked because he has been medicated for it being high and heart disease runs in his family. T comes home today from the physical and tells me he has to go see a cardiologist, the EKG shows he may have had a small heart attack. Talk about being floored. Then, I was soooo mad. Very unreasonable, I know. T does not talk about his health with me. If I look at him and think he doesn't look like he is feeling well, and I ask him, all I ever get is.."I'm fine" or "It's OK." I have been on him for months about taking his meds (which he wasn't) and getting a check up. All I could think was, that SOB, if he has a heart attack and dies on me, I am going to kill him. Very unreasonable.

After this goes through my head, I start crying. Then, I call T's mom who is a nurse. I figure, if T isn't going to listen to me, maybe he will listen if his mother and I both tag team him. It worked. Dirty pool but I will do what ever I need to to make sure he is healthy and with me. T's mom has had bypass surgery because of the family heart disease issues and she insisted that T get a referral to her cardiologist.

T is very aware of the seriousness of the situation. The doc has told him he needs to lose some weight and get some more exercise. Thankfully, T was able to tell her that we had already started the GI diet. He promises me that he is going to stick to it and take it seriously. He also said he is going to get more exercise, even going so far as to promise to do some of my Yoga DVDs with me. Being a man, I am sure the pounds will melt right off him now that he has put his mind to it especially since the guy doesn't have that much to lose to get to a healthy weight. I hugged him and told him I love him and am willing to play dirty pool to keep him around. I also told him if he has a heart attack, I will nurse him back to health and then make his life miserable :).

This past year has been brutal to us. I keep thinking, we have to get a break soon. I hope it comes soon because I am so tired of nothing but bad news. It gets you down and makes for a very negative attitude.

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