Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Failed Round

Well, no luck this month.  There were some issues this month with our timing so I can't say I was surprised.  It is very upsetting to me, though.  I hadn't realized how much I had riding on this round until it was for sure that it had failed.  Probably because it was the first round after our miscarriage. 

Some days I am absolutely convinced that we will never have another child.  Yesterday was one of those.  But today, I feel a little better and will call the doctor this morning to get my meds and u/s set up for next month.  On the up side, at least the agony of waiting for those 2 weeks is over right now and I can get a bit of a reprieve.  Plus, I have been analyzing every little thing to try to figure out if it was a pregnancy symptom or just my period.  I think if I would have squeezed my boobs one more time to see if they were sore, I would have officially felt myself up more than my husband. 

I guess I will keep my fingers crossed for next month.  It would be the best Christmas gift ever if our next round works.  I think we will do 1-2 more rounds of timed intercourse and if it doesn't work, I guess its on to insemination.  More expensive and not what I want to do but....  Hopefully, we can do this again the old fashion way with just some help from the meds.