Sunday, November 21, 2010

I can't believe its only a month until Christmas!!

We are gearing up for the holidays here.  Thanksgiving is Thursday and, shockingly, I have bought everything I need already.  I have to work so it will be a small Thanksgiving lunch that I will be putting together.  Working on the Holidays give me mixed feelings - I hate how often I miss out on all the family gatherings but that Holiday pay is FANTASTIC.  At least by me making a Thanksgiving lunch for myself, my mom and the 2 kids, I get to have some holiday. 

We went down to one of the area malls last night for their Holiday Parade and Christmas tree lighting.  It was nice.  Not frigid, not crazy crowded and B was soooo excited.  She was sure she was going to miss Santa.  It put me in the spirit for the season.

I have a big weekend planned for Thanksgiving weekend.  I don't have to work so Mom and I are doing Black Friday.  You either love or hate Black Friday.  I love the challenge of finding a fabulous deal.  I absolutely hate the crowds so I have to make a game plan before we go out or else I will freak out.  Literally, freak out and end up on the news as that crazy woman who went all Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 on the poor unsuspecting shopping crowds.  It's fun.

Then, T, my mom, the 2 kids, and I are going downtown for the annual Christmas Tree lighting and Holiday Parade.  I have never been, I have always had to work so I am looking forward to it.  But it looks like it is going to be cold, cold, cold.

On Saturday, Mom and I are going to see the Cirque Holidaze show.  I cannot wait.  I have always wanted to see a Cirque show and am thrilled that I can take Mom with me.  I think she will enjoy it much more than T would.  Besides, T is excited to put up all the lights and decorations.  Better him than me.

And, of course, in between all of this we will be trying to make a baby.  My ultra sound is Saturday morning to see if I have any viable follicles.  I am a little skeeved that we will be "baby dancing" with my mom in the next room over, but....she had 2 kids so I think she has a decent idea on what has to happen in order for her to get another grand kid.  I am really hoping this time will be it.  I really hope we get a Christmas miracle this year.

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