Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My wonderful husband

My posts so far have been fairly depressing and negative so I wanted to be a bit more upbeat. I got home from work last night and was surprised at the door by T who bent me back romantic movie style and kissed me the same way. He had a hot bubble bath waiting for me, candles all over the bathroom and bedroom. He fixed me a drink and we shared a wonderful bath together. Then, yes there is more, he gave me a lovely massage after the bath. It was heavenly. We spent the next hour sipping our drinks and talking quietly before we went to bed. I asked him why he was doing all this, I have to admit I was a little bit suspicious :). His answer, just because... What a wonderful, fantastic way to end the day. I have my bad days and then, T does something like this that lifts me up and lets me know how loved I am. I guess I was wrong about Monday blues coloring the rest of the week.

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